Diagnostics - Performance tuning for cars, motorcycles and classic cars

How should you know your vehicle requires diagnostics? In simple terms, if you have any warning lights illuminated on on board diagnostics (OBD) the car computer has detected a fault. Vehicle’s electronic control units monitor the car signals and need to conform to specified values and criteria (e.g. signal voltage, signal frequency). Where the values are not as expected, the car electronics assumes that there is a fault. We specialise in retrieving and rectifying the faults, using our modern diagnostic equipment.

Clerkenwell Motors performs diagnostics and tuning of your vehicle through the use of the latest diagnostics equipment. Complete diagnostics ensures reliability, performance, economy and emission improvements. Our equipment will diagnose: Engine Management light on, Engine Misfire, Poor Performance, High Fuel Consumption, Poor Starting, Fuel Injection Systems, Anti-lock Braking Systems, Diesel Management Systems.

CLASSIC CARS: Clerkenwell Motors diagnoses, repairs and services classic cars. Classic cars may not have onboard computers, however, if the owner notices a variation in car's behaviour, we will be able to diagnose the source of the problem using our external diagnostic tools.

Clerkenwell Motors are approved and work in partnership with RAC and AA. We are based in Central London covering Islington, Camden and the City and will be happy to help you.