Air Conditioning services for vehicles, in Islington, Camden and the City

Clerkenwell Motors offers extensive air conditioning check and service. Most manufacturers recommend air conditioning service every two to three years. Air Condition and antibacterial filters can be replaced and cleaned at four years old, then every three years thereafter. Our extensive service includes a refrigerant recharge and replacement of lubricating oil, plus a comprehensive system components check. A fully recharged system will reduce your fuel consumption by putting less strain on the engine.

Automotive air conditioning systems are designed to perform two key functions, to cool the passenger compartment air to a lower temperature, and to de-humidify air inside the vehicle to a comfortable level (quickest way to defog the windscreen). Regular use over the winter months will keep the system fully charged. If unused, the air conditioning capacity can quickly be reduced by up to 40%. In addition, after a certain period of regular use, the air conditioning system will empty of gas and will require a recharge (re-gas).

Our car mechanics and general technicians, servicing Islington, Camden and the City can service the air conditioning system on your vehicle and prepare it for the summer months.

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